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    I'm looking for some input as far as diet on this one. This will be my second bodybuilding contest. I want to take nothing less than my "A" game on stage this time. Last time I made alot of mistakes which is expected. Here are my stats:
    135-140lb range
    Have competed powerlifting on and off for 8yrs.
    Have high metabolism so I stay pretty lean.
    Have had an inconsistent diet in the past.
    I want to compete in the bantamweight division which is under 132lbs. I have a small frame so I think I need a little more mass than the other guys becuase most are shorter but not near as lean as I am. I plan on taking in 300g of protein a day. I want to keep my carb intake lower than this but don't know if this will hurt me. Also I will take in very little fat. As far as carbs and fat I am in the dark so to speak on how much I need due to high metabolism.
    As far as other substances are concerned I am going to run Test Cyp for bulking and a few weeks before the show Sustanon at a small dose to get a leaner appearance. Sust. is usually used for bulking but I get crazy lean off low doses. Well I hope I gave enough info. If I am headed in the wrong direction here somebody start me from scratch. I'm new at this bodybuilding diet strategy. Thanks in advance.

  2. You mentioned your diet is inconsistent so I would fix that before using Sustanon or Test Cyp. I'm sure you can gain more pounds naturally before using gear

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