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  1. Lightbulb Be Creative...Stack these

    What would be some of your ideal cycles/stacks based on the following compounds. Try to include dosages, length of cycle and what you would expect the outcome to be. I've picked these products based on the fact that they all have been used by most of you and you know what each are capable of.

    I am hoping to see some creative cycle opinions from some of the more experienced members, but any feedback is welcome.

    Here's what you have to work with:

    This isn't necessarily design a cycle for me, it's more of a survey for ideas to benefit anyone who may be interested.

    Post any cycles you want according to specific goals (bulking, cutting, re-comp, etc.) range of experience, etc. using any combination of the products I listed.

    There are many different ways to construct any cycle from "basic/ beginner" cycles like solo 1-ad, or 1-ad/4ad to more advanced 6-8 week multiple stacked cycles. Use this as a means to post any ideas you may be considering trying, or as a way to have cycles constructively critiqued.

    If you see a particular cycle that you like, it may also help anyone who would like to purchase specific products with the intent of using them in future cycles before they are no longer availible.

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  2. strength & bulk cycle

    20mg m1t daily or 10mg every 12 hrs for 4 weeks
    if you prefer once a day do it at night so when it hits your system you'll be sleeping already so you wont feel that infamous tired feeling that hits you when taking it.

    nolvadex for pct for about 6 weeks

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