Prohormone and steriods

  1. Prohormone and steriods

    I know this question has been asked many times already but...the views on many threads/boards seems to be polarised - some believe phs are crap vs others who like having some legal alternatives that work.

    I understand that the early phs like andro are totally useless having low conversion rates to test but converting well enough to DHT/estradiol.

    Are the risks/sides and anabolic characteristics of newer prohormones comparable to 'real' steriods (eg 1-test vs primo/tren, 1,4andro vs boldione) ?
    In other words, are the muscle gains from phs lower than 'real' steriods but phs have lower bad side effects as well?

  2. Go take a look at the cycle info forum .. You will find all your answers. But just to give you a short answer. The good ph's like 1-test 4-ad 1,4andro all work and they work well... Hope that helps.. Talk to ya...
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  3. I wouldnt say that PH's work as well as AAS but they do work. Also PH's dont cause as bad of a "crash" after use. I've seen some amazing gains from PH's and you dont have to worry if you're buying nothing but sesame seed oil instead of test enth.


  4. Originally posted by ironviking
    I wouldnt say that PH's work as well as AAS but they do work.

    I would in certain situations. If you consider 1-Test a pro hormone, then they certainly are comparable. Based soley on testimonials of course. I only base this on first or second cycles, average gains for both are between 15-20lbs in a 8 weeks cycle, whether its 8 weeks in a row (AAS; a lot of the times 10 full weeks) and 4 weeks on, 4 off, 4 back on (PH).

  5. Thanks, appreciate all your replies. Its difficult to compare phs with illegal steriods directly since most ppl go on 2-4 wk cycles with phs while steriod cycles run ~6-8wks. 1-test does look very useful.

    Is there any truth to the claim that 1-test (or 1-AD) work less effectively at the same dosages for subsequent cycles even after lots of time off?? Or is it just people hitting their genetic+ limits..

  6. As a very general opinion, if you plan a cycle carefully enough (meaning research), keep your diet and training in check, I think the results may be comparable to some AAS cycles. It's broad question though, all opinion and alot of apples and oranges are usually compared, but all-in-all, yes--they work.


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