My MOHN vs. M5AA experience

  1. My MOHN vs. M5AA experience

    Guys, I'm 2 weeks into a cutting cycle with MOHN. Since there have been some questions in this area in the past, I thought I'd compare my early results to what I experienced on my cut cycle with M5AA.

    So far on 16 mg/per day of MOHN, I've seen about the exact same results as I did on 20 mg/day of M5AA. Still being able to add some muscle and a little strength even though I'm eating a diet with total daily calories set right at my BMR. This is good news for me!


    1. MOHN is less androgenic
    2. improved quality of sleep vs. a reduced quality of sleep on the M5AA.
    3. No constant feelings of being tensed up.

    The only thing I think M5AA did better was increase the "hardened" look. Just my personal observation. I thought I'd share the info in case others who haven't tried both are interested.

  2. Talking

    good post bro, i was actually just pondering over which one to stack with 1-test. I have a horrible problem with sleep as it is so i was leaning to MOHN anyways, but from what i have heard i would definitely prefer the i must see what dose works best for me. I was thinking 4mg's with every meal(i eat around 6-7 times a day)? any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Carry On The Chaos

  3. [QUOTE=CarryOnTheChaos]now i must see what dose works best for me... any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    I will say that my body does seem to respond well to lower doses than others? Most of the posts I've seen on various PH's so far list dosages that would be overkill for me. I think you just have to experiment. I started seeing results in the first week or so...maybe you can use that as a benchmark.

  4. I'm one of those that requires heavy doses. I used 37mg of m4ohn split up 4times/day then 47mg for the last 2 wks of a 5 weeker. barely noticed anything. now I'm afraid mdht wont do anything for me. what are your stats? mine 6' 192 lbs. bf teens? there are people that get results from low doses. I wish I was one of them.

  5. Interesting. I'm sleeping fine on 60mg of m5aa.

  6. what are your stats?

    5'10" 193lbs approx. 16%bf

  7. 5'10 165 lbs 10-11% bf

  8. How are you cutting at your BMR? would that not just be maintenance?

    Also, take into account M5AA is 10x cheaper than MOHN($3 per g opposed to $30).

    MOHN is more potent from most posts I have read. You may achieve better results from ~50mg M5AA. Are you prone to androgenic sides?

    Not knocking ou, this is helpful info. just a suggestion.

  9. BMR - calories burned through cardio/resistance exercise = fat loss

    Yes, M5AA is cheaper and for that reason I may go with it in the future, plus I like the hard ass look, even though it's temporary. But, I did seem to get some minor sides with it vs. only good sides with MOHN. I don't know...Custom has it so cheap, I'll probably load up on both and use the M5AA more during the bulking phases, or maybe just alternate.


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