m1t questions please help?

  1. Lightbulb m1t questions please help?

    Hi I have read alot on m1t on many forums now I have read that many people use milk thistle and hawthorne berry to aid the liver and to help with blood pressure.

    I read in a post this guy recommended that you use milk thistle and hawthorne berry PCT is there any reasoning behind this can soemone explain to me why?

    While i was looking for m1t to buy i ran across a brand of m1t called m1t plus by higher power which is suppose to have milk thistle and hawthorne berry covered.

    m1t plus: Amount Per Serving:
    Milk Thistle 175mg
    Hawthorne Berry 150mg
    Licorice Root 4:1 50mg
    Methyl-1-Testosterone 5mg

    But if milk thistle n hawthorne berry are best used PCT then I think getting this brand would be pointless and i would just get m1t and all the other supplements seperate and wait for PCT to use them..

    Also i plan to stack m1t with 4-ad but when i was looking around i came across methyl 4-ad+ by legal gear: is stacking methyl 4-ad a bad idea or should i just get 4-ad?

    methyl 4-ad+: Amount Per Serving:
    17aMethyl-4-Androstenediol: 10mg
    4-Androstenediol: 100mg

    I have already done a cycle of 1-ad didn't really get much sides except lethargy.. I still had my sex drive etc.. I was only taking 3 pills a day for 4 weeks on and off.

    I plan to cycle m1t + methyl 4-ad for 4 weeks on and 4 weeks PCT:
    so for 4 weeks ill be taking 2 tablets of m1t and 3 capsules of methyl 4-ad+
    which will come out too per day:
    Milk Thistle 350mg
    Hawthorne Berry 300mg
    Licorice Root 4:1 100mg
    Methyl-1-Testosterone 10mg
    17aMethyl-4-Androstenediol: 30mg
    4-Androstenediol: 300mg

    then 4 weeks PCT with clomid and nolvadex what do you guys think good? bad? please critique put in your info any info will be greatly appreciated, thanks ^^

    also why do people say to use transdermal 4-ad while stacking? is it b/c your already putting stress on your liver? and transdermal is suppose to be cause stress on the liver or something? because i plan to get the capsule form but if there is reasoning ill get the liquid form. thanks

  2. No i dont think thats enough Hathorne or Milk thistle a day. Buy them all
    seperate. Get some pro liver from 1fast 600mg Milk Thistle 1g of NAC. Go with
    the regular M1T such as Omega brand cheapest or even UG Labs 2nd cheapest.
    Stick to regular 4ad. Meth 4ad is supposed to be one of the worst meths and way
    over priced. Get some powder and t-gel from custom and make your own trans.
    4weeks of m1t is usually too long most do 2 on 2off 2on still use 4ad with off.
    And if you got letharg from 1ad this is gonna make you really feel like sh*t. 4ad is
    not as good as an oral compared to trans im sure alot of people will agree. You dont
    need both clomid and nolva just nolva. Most people will tell you to take your liver, prostate
    bp supps before durring and pct. But it is personal pref but i like my sh*t to work down the
    road so i did that. Thats about it.

  3. Some people argue to use the milkthistle or whatever liver supp. for pct, and before cycle b/c it effects the absorption of the methyl. Whatever, I personally run it throughout and as far as hawthorne berry is concerned use that throughout as well. Oral 4-ad is not very practical. It has a low conversion % so I suggest running it td. Stay away from the methyl 4-ad it's not smart to stack any kind of methyl on m1t, and m4ad is supposed to be oral not td like LG sells it. Either way I think you could do some research on this board before starting this cycle, there is great advice on here and it can help you figure out how to use these various products. Welcome to the board.

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