Ritilan and anabolic steroids

  1. Ritilan and anabolic steroids

    Hey guys I have a doctor that prescribed me Ritalin at 20mg a day .
    I personally have ADHD that hasn't been to bad as an adult so I just have this medication stocked up not being used .
    I would like to start using it at 30mg a day in November when my new job starts and around when my second cycle starts.
    Are these drugs able to be mixed
    Cycle 12 weeks schering plough Sustanon 250
    Week 1-3 anadrol 40mg ED
    And what are some foods that's will negatively effect my body with this combination
    Thank you for your time

  2. You'll be completely fine doing test with ritilin. I just wouldn't do ritilin on tren if that crosses your mind in future. The tren mood swings on a ritilin downer could be pretty messed up.

  3. lol^^a jack3d downer ain't something to f*ck with srs

    i was fine on adderall and test and NPP. in fact, I preferred the combination, again srs

  4. Any answers to my questions asked?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by testoprop
    Any answers to my questions asked?
    He said you'll be Fine.
    And just keep your diet Clean...



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