Prepping for a cycle

  1. Prepping for a cycle

    Sup guys, just a lurker here posting rarely.

    How do you guys prepare for a cycle eg cut to a specific body fat goal, and then how do you ease into it calories wise.

    If one has been cutting for 3-4 months, a rapid upsurge of calories will cause sone fat rebound, so how does one approach a bulk cycle.

    How do you guys approach cutting cycles? Makes sense to get lower then 12% naturally before taking any compounds to take it further


  2. for bulking cycle i usually lower carbs for a few days to a week before starting then add them in agin right as i start whatever bulking compound i plan on running and i retain more glycogen imo and blow the ef up or atleast i feel like i do. imo u dont gain fat from upping cals quickly after cutting because ur insulin sensitivity is increased after starving for so long and the extra glycogen is used more readily to replenish muscles

    as for cutting i like to be rolling with my diet getting lean to the verge of catabolism then start whatever anabolic i had planned

    just my 2 cents

  3. Thanks eric, im keen to see how different people react to different combinations of cals.

  4. as long as u dont add i alot of sugars and simpler carbs u shouldnt bloat that bad if at all



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