mini beastdrol pulse.

  1. mini beastdrol pulse.

    looked everywhere and havent found a cycle like this I am going to run a cycle of beastdrol at 5mg every day pre workout.
    wondering what would happen if i ran that for five days and took five off for a total
    of three weeks on beast.. could it possibly lessen shut down?
    this is what it would look like
    sd ed 5/5/5/5/5
    days off pes erase ed 2/2/2/2/2
    with formeron at one pump as needed
    then after three weeks of beast follow up with a real pct..
    any thoughts think its less harsh or doesn't matter? i might try it anyways and log what happens.

  2. May be better off doing an actual cycle to get better gains. A safe, effective approach would be 10/20/20; follow that with a real PCT and you could could hold onto those gains and strength. Three weeks will fly by, and potential sides could be nil.

  3. That's true man kinda just curious about how that would work though.. I might run a regular cycle so i can have the formeron for after in case of rebound.

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