Ok this really is for a buddy of mine... trust me I have no shame in posting my own mistakes.

This will be his 3rd time getting his shoulder's repaired. He keeps tearing his Labrum... His biggest issue is not letting himself heal before jumping back in the gym... I really think this kid is physiologically dependent on working out, and we're not talking a healthy dependance.

Is there anything on the black market that can speed/help his recovery? He rarely listens to anyone, but for some reason he'll listen to me on certain subjects... I think it's because he respects my results when I put my efforts to good use. He always says I was one of his inspirations for working out in High school. I feel bad because I've given this kid advice over the years, and I want to help, but he just cant seem to stay healthy.

He's finally found a surgeon he really respects, so I'm hoping that this time he'll follow PT protocol and do exactly what the Dr. says...

We're open to any and all suggestions including pinning/orals/ you name it... I told him to ask his Dr. the same question, but I highly doubt he'll suggest anything "black market". I've never been injured seriously, so this is all new to me.