m1,4ad and mohn

  1. m1,4ad and mohn

    i am thinking about doing a cycle of m1,4ad and mohn. i plan on using 100mg ed m1,4ad and 25 mg ed mohn for 6 weeks. has anyone else tried this stack, and if so, was your experience good? also, would you reccomend adding anything else to this stack? i'm looking to add a moderate amount of muscle with minimal water retention and fat gains. if this is stupid please forgive me. i don't know much about prohormones except what i've read in the forum and i am looking for opinions and guidance toward acheiving my goals. any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I've read of a few people doing a cycle like this but have not read any final results/stats.
    If I remember correctly they were enjoying it. Maybe someone will chime in soon.
    Especially since I'm still making my "grocery" list.

  3. i havent tried the m1,4add but i do like the m-4ohn..one of the concerns id have with that cycle is the two methyls at once..there has been plenty of debate about stacking two methyls at once, and even though m-4ohn doesnt seem to be very harsh at all, i lean to the side of not stacking two at once..

  4. Two methyls at once is ill advised. But, it's your liver. Also, M1,4ADD is considered a bulker, while M4OHN is a lean mass gainer, cutter. Doesn't make sence to use the two together. I would use one or the other. If you want to stack it with something, then try some 1-test.

  5. I've tried this stack but only 16mg m4ohn ed though. I did it for 6 weeks then dropped the m4ohn and did the last 2 weeks solo m14add.

    I got gyno, in those last 2 weeks! Don't drop the m4ohn, unless your gonna use nolva ed on cycle. (It's being remidied with long tern nolva use at the moment though.)

    I'll never run an aramotizing ph/stroid without nolva in cycle again.

    The results were pretty good, but I didn't like the water retention and bloating.About a 10lb muscle gain along with some fat and water.

    I'd only use m14add to kickstart cycles from now on.

  6. If you want a clean bulk like you said. Rather try this, 40mg m4ohn ed along with 900mg 1,4add ed and 300mg 1test transdermal ed.

    Like I said, m14add is for jumpstarting only in my opinion, just like d-bol.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TheManGuy
    If you want a clean bulk like you said. Rather try this, 40mg m4ohn ed along with 900mg 1,4add ed and 300mg 1test transdermal ed.
    dump on this
    Maybe a little less 1T (200 should be enough)

  8. thanx for the suuport

  9. thanx for the support

  10. M1,4ADD should be used in a 6-week cycle for better results, maybe stacked with 1-test. I wouldn't recommend kick starting a cycle with it since it takes a while to get results. Also, be careful with the M1,4ADD and M4OHN stcked together, can be a wet cycle. Have Nolva on-hand.

  11. Bump what Cuffs said. The two are both considered wet, so an AI or nolva would be advised. I personally would use it with 1-test since they go great together, and you avoid stacking methyl's, jmo.



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