Hello guys,

Firstly I'm glad I found this site. I would like to introduce myself and my weight gaining plan.

I'm 23 years old,training for 6 years now. Right now I'm around 176lb with 6' height. My plan is lean bulking I don't want to participate in any bodybuilding competition therefore using steroids don't make sense for me. Now about my nutrition plan (I don't want to mention the basics like protein,vitamin&minerals,amino acids,etc.):

-Saw palmetto

I would like to add something to Natadrol. I read methyl 1-D got a new formulas and it's not so strong anymore, MMv3 is good for diet but not for muscle building. I also read about 1-androsterone, 4Ad RDe, Deca SARM RDe, and Decavol RDe (all of them from AMS). Any experience?Thoughts?Idea about what would be the best in stack with natadrol?

Thank you!