Havoc 30/40/40/50/50/50 light weight!

  1. Havoc 30/40/40/50/50/50 light weight!

    So I will be running a 6 week cycle of havoc 30/40/40/50/50/50 ( anyone try this get up)
    Stats: 22years old, 4th cycle ( yes i know, 22yrs old and 4cycles deep) , 203lb, bf 9%
    Personal Bests : Rackpull 375lb for 7reps / BB flat 255 for 6reps / BB front squat 205lb for 8 reps

    On Cycle Supps: Havoc
    Cycle Assist every week of cycle and pct
    Cissus, L glutamine
    Lots of food
    PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Triazole By driven sports
    No shotgun
    Up Your Mass

  2. Day One off/ Cardio 20min medium intensity plus abs

  3. Day Two : Back/ Triceps, Calves

    1) Seated Calve Raise 7sets, 45lb plate plus a ten lb plate, 20sec rest ( 22,19,18,15,13,10,10)
    2) Super set Incline EZ Skull to Alt. Db skull, 1min rest
    85lbs EZ SKULL - 27lb DB alt. skull ( 12-8, 12-7, 11-7, 10-6) 4sets total
    3)Wide Pull Ups 4sets (12,11,10,8), 1min rest
    4) Wide Pulldown 5sets 100lb for 22reps , 120lb for 18reps, 140lb for 15reps, 160lb for 12reps, 190lb for 6reps,190lb for 5reps, 190lb for 5reps
    5)EZ tri ext. 5sets 120lb 16reps, 14reps,12 reps, 10reps
    6)Wide cable Row 4sets, 140lb, 10reps,8reps, 8reps, 8reps
    7) Close Cable Row 7sets, 120lb, 20sec rest, 24reps,22reps,18reps,16reps,12 reps,12reps,11reps

    8) Flat BB skull 70lb superset dips, 4sets, 12reps-10reps, 11reps-9reps, 10reps-9reps, 9reps-8reps, 30sec rest

    As this is the second day only,cant report on any sides or any of that.

  4. You'll love Epi man, you going for a cut, bulk, recomp, lean bulk, or just general strength??

  5. My bottle of havoc doesn't have a exp date or batch number. Is that normal?

  6. Lacrossedude6 :

    Yea I love the lack of side effects while taking epi. As of now, im leaning towards a lean bulk. My training style is constantly changing. I like to incorporate strength training,while also using high volume to really get the blood flowing.Also Fst-7 with a tibata at the end really helps me lean out while gaining some good dry mass.

  7. I have a little exp. sticker at the bottom of my bottle. Maybe Yours fell off during shipping? if anything i think you should be fine as long as you store it in a cool dry place

  8. Day 4 Chest

    BB flat 225 for 6reps/ 205 for 10reps/ 205 for 10reps/ 205 for 9reps/ 185 for 12reps/ 135 for 16reps
    DB Incline 80lb for 15reps/80lbs for 12reps/ 80lbs for 10reps
    Cable Crossover Tibata 7sets 60lbs
    Seated Cable fly FST7 60lbs

    Notes: I have never hit 80lb db incline for more than 10reps,why i hit 15reps so sudden i have no idea. However I have started to see my body lean out more,also endurance is up

  9. Day 5 ARMS

    DB alt. seated curl 50lbs for 12reps/10reps/9reps/8reps
    Incline Db alt skull 27lbs 15reps/14reps/12reps/10reps
    Cable D pulley Ext. 70lbs 15reps/12reps/11reps/10reps
    DB hammer alt. 50lbs 12reps/10reps/10reps/8reps
    Cardio 20mins medium intensity

    Still only day 5 no real noticable effects seen yet. Starting week two i will be updating every day seeing as week two is usually the start of good things to come!

  10. Day 7

    Finally starting to see strength incease and endurance as well
    today was delts/biceps

    Hammer strength shoulder press/ 180lb 12reps/230lb 10reps/250lb 10reps/270lbs 8reps/
    Db curl 45lbs 12reps/10reps/10reps/8reps/8reps
    db front alt. 27lb. 15reps/12 reps/12reps/10reps/10reps
    Db hammer 45lb 15reps/12reps/10reps/8reps
    Db lateral tibata 7sets 20lbs
    DB rear fst-7 35lbs

  11. Where did u buy your havoc pm me BC since I've been on I havent seen a change at all...def Sutton cause I can tell my liver is workin hard....no gains....doin it the same way as my superdrol as far as diet/ training and I gained 18lbs on SD......I'm running 50 mg ed right now its day 20


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