Hey guys,

Was talking with a buddy today and he was telling me that he ran a trenadrol/epi cycle around a year ago and did not take anything close to a proper PCT afterwards. He took a daa for a month after and then took Recycle for a month AFTER that. He did not run an AI or anything while on cycle; support supps only. He has puffy/itchy nips, so I told him I would order him some Aromasin to knock some of that down. His libido is shot and his balls have shrunk slightly. Told him he needed to run a proper PCT with a SERM AT LEAST. I'm not sure if I should order him a bottl of clomid and/or HCG as well? Sounds like he might need a mixture of both, but I'm not sure what dosages to recommend him. He has another bottle of recycle and I told him to hang onto that until I get him his other stuff. Any advice would be much appreciated!