Advice on my PCT

  1. Question Advice on my PCT

    This is what my 6 week cycle looks like:

    Week1: Tren @100mgs ed
    Week2: Tren @100mgs ed

    Week3: Tren @100mgs ed

    Week4: Tren @100mgs ed

    Week5: Tren @100mgs ed >10 days: start pre-pct

    Week6: Tren @100mgs ed

    10days before cycle ends start HCG @ 500iu’s to get the
    Testis back in to shape for pct.
    Run Proviron @ 100mgs a day for the same 10 days to
    harden and solidify Tren gains as well as combat estrogen
    from HCG.
    Since Proviron isn’t the greatest at binding to the aromatase
    enzyme, I thought I could start clomid 10 days before cycle
    ends as a failsafe for any estrogen problems. I then of course
    would run clomid 2-3 weeks after cycle along with an arsenal
    of over the counter herbs.

    I haven’t seen any posts nor have I seen articles with this set up
    for pre-PCT or PCT, so if anyone knows if this is a really bad
    idea or if its effective please post up.

  2. Tren alone??? Not a great idea IMHO... PCT looks pretty decent, but I don't think you'll need the proviron.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  3. hmm..

    hmm well man-beast it seems like my body loves it.
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  4. (one of the reasons) he's saying its not a great idea is because tren can have awful sides that test helps to offset

  5. Let me guess an awful side effect of Tren alone is a limp dick?
    well personally I like the fact that it lowers my sex drive for
    reasons of focus. I can just focus on diet and training without
    worrying about busting a nut. For those that say one gets really
    depressed on Tren only cycles I have to disagree. I always have
    a sense of well being when I’m on Tren.
    In the end I think you’d have to chalk it up to the saying “every body and everybody is different.?
    Oh an awesome plus about tren only cycles is that they’re dirt cheap.
    150 bucks for a 6 weeker(100mgs ed) that guarantees (well ad least me)
    good solid mass gains.

  6. Okay then why did you ask for opinions if you weren't even going to consider anything that was told..

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    Okay then why did you ask for opinions if you weren't even going to consider anything that was told..
    I agree, what are you looking for then? Your PCT looks ok IMO, I wouldn't bother with the proviron either though. Also I pefer Nolva over clomid.

  8. well matthew D, i was asking about pct..not about tren only cycles.

  9. jweave23, why wouldn't you worry about proviron?


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