What would you guys do ?

  1. Question What would you guys do ?

    I am 10 weeks into a test-enan/EQ/D-bol cycle. I had planned to run it for 10 weeks at 500mg Test/wk 200mg EQ/week. I decided early on that I wanted to up the EQ to 500mg and extend the cycle to 15 weeks so I increased the dosage in week 2. I asked my source for two more EQ and gave him the money almost 4 weeks ago but because of some bull**** with his supplier I have no more EQ. Here are the questions:

    I ran out of EQ after week 8 (two weeks ago today) which means the EQ has almost cleared my system now, correct?

    Should I cut the entire cycle short (10 weeks) and just save the EQ that I think I have coming for the next cycle, or continue with the EQ if I get it this week for the remaining 5 weeks with the Test?

    My only fear is that since is has almost been 16 day since my last inject of EQ that my serum levels have dropped to the point that I would have to front load not to be wasting the EQ. Would frontloading the EQ help at all with only 5 weeks remaining?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    P.S. - I know that I should have planned better in the beginning. Some guys on this board convinced me that 15 weeks would be much better than 10 for the EQ.

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    really not answering your question here, but I'm gonna run test enan and eq for 10 weeks like you stated....how do you like it so far? any significant gains, etc?

  3. I would probably just run the cycle to 12 weeks w/the test alone. I wouldn't bother w/the EQ, and would just save it for a cycle down the road.

    How have your gains been so far?

    SC huh anywhere near myrtle beach?

  4. I was thinking that was what I would do. Just save the EQ until around Feb. when I would start my next cycle since I would be finished with this one mid Nov. Gains have been pretty good so far. I am up to about 250lbs from @ 225-230. BF went up @ 2.5 to 3%. All major compound movements have around 10-15% increases. No sides to speak of except horney as hell and a little restless at night.

    Sticks, Myrtle Beach is only about an hour or so from me. Spent many friday and sat nights there back in the day.
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  5. i agree. just sit on the EQ until you get a chance to cycle again. by the time your blood levels raised high enough, long enough to get it's full effects, it'd be time to end your cycle.

    plus, you can't go wrong with test.....



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