need help friend thinks hes depressed

  1. need help friend thinks hes depressed

    Ok so a buddy of mine asked for some help on a ph and wanted to know what to take. i didnt help him much because i knew if i were to start him in the right direction i would suggest halodrol or epi and he wouldnt take them right because he is not responsible enough. So i told him to go buy something natural at the supplement store and start there. Turns out he buys this stuff called monster by element nutrition. Weeks down the road i get my butt ripped because he is now "depressed when hes on it" and all these other sides. I told him i never told him to do it and he should have done his own research. He then tells me it has andro in it. I laughed and said yeah whatever and i look up the ingredients on the supplement and its 1 androsterone not androstenedione! Can someone please help me to build an argument against him and what he his blaming me for. this stuff seems very mild. Is it even a ph?

  2. It's a prohormone with a 2 step conversion to test from what I can tell.
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  3. I don't even know why you are bothering with him. You don't need any arguemnt against him. Simply tell him that if he can't handle a few sides then he should move away from supplements. Will it be your fault his ass smells bad after a few protein shakes?

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