Extend Epi Cycle

  1. Extend Epi Cycle

    I was planning on doing a 6 week Epi cycle at 40. Halfway through wasn't feeling anything so I bumped it to 50 for a week and then up to 60 for the past two weeks. I've really started to lean out and feel "on" since bumping it to 60. I have about half a bottle left of Havoc and was wondering what you all think about finishing out the bottle at 60 and going past 6 weeks. I haven't really had any sides other than some off and on lower back pain, which I'm assuming is back pumps. BP is fine. But my main priority is not doing any damage to my health, so I don't want to do anything stupid. You guys think it's alright to extend it or should I just go ahead and cut it off?

  2. Past 6 weeks is nuts . There's a limit to what the liver can take without adverse effects.

  3. Thanks. Anybody else have an opinion?

  4. Depends if you have proper lover support, I would look into something like TUDCA IMHO.

  5. Get a quick cholesterol test. If your lipids are fine, then I say go for it. But, I just did Havoc for six weeks (two full bottles) and mine were totally jacked up. HDL was non measurable!

  6. I've been taking Cycle Assist plus two extra Liv52 pills daily. Fish oil, taurine, cissus, etc. regular bloodwork for TRT and liver values and cholesterol are always fine. Only thing is always high BUN levels. But won't be going back until after cycle to have more labs, so no way of knowing before deciding what to do about cycle.

  7. I took Aegis and cycle support and still had jacked lipids. Some drug stores are now offering $20 cholesterol tests. Be safe!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by AngryOldMan
    I took Aegis and cycle support and still had jacked lipids. Some drug stores are now offering $20 cholesterol tests. Be safe!
    Yep. I mean I'm sure you would live haha, but what you have to ask yourself is the risk worth the reward

  9. Yeah, I'll cut it off. No point in taking unnecessary risks. Thanks for the input!

  10. Good choice man, and I feel ya, but just remember EVERYONE has to eventually come off cycle. That's just part of the game

  11. Yep, just wish I would've been able to run all 6 weeks at 60mg. But now I know!


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