How long after pct?

  1. How long after pct?

    How long after pct should u wait to do an other cycle?

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    How long after pct should u wait to do an other cycle?
    i usually wait 5-6 months atleast because i dont do bloodwork (probably stupid i kno, but ive only ran 6 weekers)... some studies shown that someone on anadrol started recovering after 3-4 months, not sure.... usually rule of thumb is time off=time on, but i prefer to wait longer, if you can afford bloodwork and you are okay, then you can cycle again. if not wait as much as you can. or atleast....ATLEAST the rule of thumb, for experience, the longer you wait, the better, not only for your test levels, but also to clean your receptors, so you dont get use to it and you get minimal gains on next cycle. believe me, ive seen a few guys jumping right over, and it is not a good idea, plus if you not wait enough you can mess your endocrine system, and once you stop to give a lonng brake, you would probably lose most of your gains!

  3. Thanks! Great response !

  4. Actually, Time on+PCT=Time off. So, you run a four week cycle and a four week pct you take eight weeks off. Those eight weeks start the day after your past pct dose. But, the longer the weight the better..
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