Ideal bodyfat % for bulking with assistance?

  1. Ideal bodyfat % for bulking with assistance?

    I am researching a potential first cycle of assisted bulking. I would use either S1+ or M1t.

    I have been told that your bodyfat percentage can affect the propensity for side effects. My dim understanding is that too high a bodyfat can lead to more aromitization.

    Is this true? Does anyone have links or references to more information on the subject?

    On the larger scope is there an ideal bodyfat % for bulking? Does it matter if you are below "set point" or not?

    Thanks in advance for any advice or opinion!

  2. It is always bes to be around your setpoint.

    If you are too far above, your body will want you to eat less, and your appetite will decrease.

    If you are too far below, you will probably put on fat more quickly.

  3. Increased bodyfat will not increase aromitization.

    As far as ideal bf % for bulking goes, you will have a hard time bulking if you are below a certain % - that totally depends on your own body. I noticed I can put on muscle when I am at around 11-12% and rising a little during the bulk. It may be easier for me at a higher % but I refuse to let myself go over 15% even at the end of a bulk.

  4. my last bulk began when i was around 7-8% i've put on about 12 pounds and probably jumped up to around 12-13% its much much easier to put on muscle at a higher bf, at least i find
    remaining at 7-8% i simply cannot get enough calories in, so i forget about bf for a few months and concentrate on cals

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    I seem to have a hard time adding strength or muscle when very lean.

    My setpoint is probably around 35lbs of fat. Trying to bulk at anywhere from 15 - 25 lbs of fat just does not seem to work.

    It is not just adding adipose, but just glacial muscle additions as well. At around 25lbs of fat and up muscle growth is much faster.

    I am glad to get some independent verification of this phenomenon.

    Anyway, thanks for the info. I am going to post my design for my first cycle for critique.



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