I started 1-test/4-ad 9 days ago.. i'm running transdermals @ 250mg 1-test & 415mg 4-ad for the first 2 weeks and will run 1-test cyp & 4-ad cyp all the way through, injecting EOD for 10 weeks w/ 180mg 1-test cyp & 360mg 4-ad cyp each injection.
I started seeing good strength gains a couple days ago. I'm guessing this is from the transdermals and that my cyps wont kick in for another week or so (ive done 5 injections thus far). Will I see a drop off at all when i come off the transdermals and should I expect to see strength increases first followed by size? Its my first cycle, and Im really full of uncertainties and want to make sure I really know what to expect. i've heard hundreds of good things about this stack but want to make sure i'm doing it right, you know?