Support supps while on PH/DS cycle

  1. Support supps while on PH/DS cycle

    Which of these supps is safe/advisable while on halodrol? Superdrol? Gathering info for potential upcoming first cycle. Creating mono, beta alanine, GABA, melatonin, , caffeine(natural). I would hate to have to give up my hemavol

  2. You won't need creatine during a cycle, use it in PCT if you want. Caffeine you want to use sparingly on cycle because of possible rises in blood pressure, I had one cup of coffee or one sugar free energy drink in the morning when I woke up on cycle because I can't function upon waking without caffeine lol but definitely keep it at a minimum. Make sure you monitor your blood pressure and take a cycle support like AI Cycle Support or CEL Cycle Assist, which can help with BP among other things. In the case of superdrol you'd also want something like UDCA or TUDCA for your liver. Aegis by Antaeus Labs is a popular, easy to find TUDCA.
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