cant get hard

  1. cant get hard

    i been taking dianbol for 5 weeks and i notice that my dick want get all the way i stop taking it it been 3 weeks now and it get hard but not all the now my girl piss we been together for 10 she know how it suppose to look like lol. but yea its dianbol by high tech it suppose 2 be legal. can anybody help me

  2. Talk to your doc. Cialis can really do wonders for this.

  3. I'm going to guess you didn't run any PCT for this, did you?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. the never ending cycle!

  5. yeah... your supposed to run PCT if you dont recovery can be very hard, most people report that it can take up to 6 months, and if it doesnt happen by then then you may be looking at permanently ****ed hormone levels. That is why many people are on TRT, I recommend talking to a doctor, Cialis will become your friend



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