Infection or Allergic Reaction?

  1. Infection or Allergic Reaction?

    My lifting partner has been using some converted tren at 100mg/eod for 1.5 weeks. The areas around his injection sites have gotten dark red, itchy bumps that look a lot like poison ivy. He follows good sterile procedures, and we haven't seen this reaction to tren anywhere on the boards. What's the verdict on infection or allergic reaction? If it's allergic, what can he do about it cause the itch is driving him crazy. He's starting to make some noticable (though small) gains and hopes he doesn't have to stop using.
    Also: He just started taking a claritin a day and applying benadryl cream to the areas. It's make a very small difference.
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  2. are the red areas spreading?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    are the red areas spreading?
    They are spreading a little but only within about a 4 inch radius of the injection sites. They're not painful, but he says they're itchy as hell.
  4. Anybody?

    Has anyone ran into this before? Should he start on antibiotics or what? Thanks!

  5. goa1175....any "heat" at the site. Is the area hot or warm to the touch?

    The bumps and itchy-ness sound like an allergic reaction but the dark red
    area bothers me. If the area is hot or warm to the touch I would think infection.
    Is he running a low grade fever? If the area is warm/hot to the touch and a fever
    is present I would think infection...see a doctor at a walk-in clinic and get some
    antibiotics....most walk-ins don't ask a lot of follow up type questions (in my experience).



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