First thread: critique this stack, please.

  1. First thread: critique this stack, please.

    Hey guys, this is my first thread and I would like some opinions on this stack I have lined up for around november. I will be using Superdrol at 10mgED for 5 weeks with a bridge of LMG at week 4 for 75mgED. For support I will be using cycle assist throughout, and caber when I use LMG at .5mg E3D. For pct I will use clomid at 100/100/75/50 with pct assist. I plan on bulking at around 4,000 calories with the PHAT program. Before I forget, I also will use fish oil and a multi. Any critiques are welcome, and thank you. In b4 "strong first post"

  2. Age:21, 22 at the time of this cycle. I'm 5'6 190lbs at roughly 12-14% bodyfat. I have done a previous cycle of halo-plex stacked with trenavar for 6 weeks. I have also used the old LG science "ph", but *** sold it then so I'm not sure it was a real ph.

  3. I'm supersede pushed it to 5 weeks seeing as most only go to 4. I may up the clomid dose to 300mg the few days and follow the protocol from there. I have also been looking to add Ostarine at 20 or 40mg ED for the entire cycle and two weeks into pct. [B] does anyone see a cause for concern to take clomid for 2 weeks and switch to Nolva. I'm asking because of the LMG, I don't want gyno at all. [B]

  4. Surprised* sorry I'm on my phone

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