Diet and training in check, but not gaining?

  1. Diet and training in check, but not gaining?

    Ive got a question about a buddy of mine. His cycle looks like this:
    dbol:weeks 1-4 30mged
    test enanthate:weeks 1-10 500mgew
    EQ:weeks 1-10 400mgew
    Hes in beginning of week 6 and has gained a solid 16 lbs. He put it all on the first 3.5 weeks and hasnt gained a pound since. Hes 186lbs, 21 years old. So now hes complaining every damn day about how he's not gaining any more. His diet is 4000+ calories and 300+ grams of protein. Although he continues to get stronger and break previous bests in the gym. I will be using the same test enanthate(ooooold batch of Proline aquired before he went scammer) hes using in my upcoming cycle. This has got me concerned this batch of test may be bunk, although I know the EQ is legit. Could this be possible that the EQ is giving him continued strength gains while the test is bunk? Or is it possible the test is legit and hes just not responding as well as others might. Im concerned whether or not to use this stuff in my upcoming cycle now. One thing about the guy though is his legs are twigs, although he continues to pound them. I keep telling him to hit the legs harder as thats where I put alot of my weight on my first cycle. What do you guys think?

  2. has he increased his cals since starting the cycle? 16 lbs of mass is going to burn a hell of a lot of calories.

  3. Could be fake. Is he having any libido issues or anything of the like? Sounds like he's eating enough for his weight. There's too many other factors to consider as well. Like you said, he could be a nonresponder. Is he overdoing the cardio? Overtraining perhaps?

  4. sounds like the dbol is real and everything else is questionable.....

  5. There's a couple simple things to look at as far as the test working or not. If he's overly's working. If he isn't taking anything for water retention, he should look like a hot air balloon right now (if this is so, his rapid and sudden weight gain in the first 3.5 weeks could very well be a large amount of water). I was on almost the exact same cycle, to be specific, 600mg/wk of test enanthate, 40mg/day of dbol, and 300mg/wk of EQ and was a ballooned up monster with no definition. As far as overtraining..if the test IS legit..and everything else is legit as well.. I doubt he is overtraining, but everyone is different and there's always the possiblity. Check out what his routine is like and post it here, I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to take a glance at it and give you some input.

    Edit: I just glanced back at the original post and it seems his gains stopped almost at the exact time he stopped taking the dbol. I agree as stated above by goldylight.. it seems the dbol is legit but everything else is questionable.

  6. yeah i agree. If he doesn't feel like boning everything with a hole, the test isn't legit. It's an unmistakable feeling and an easy indicator. The test alone, if everything else is in place( diet, training, etc.), would keep him growing.

  7. I was at the same impass a couple of weeks ago in my own cycle. My problem turned out to be while concentrating on protein intake i neglected to take in enough carbs and, essentially calories. I started adding in some peanut butter sandwiches in the afternoon and my weight started moving again.

  8. You guys all bring some good points up. He has increased calories since the start of 3000+ and put it on quick with the dbol, youd think with the extra cals and test kicking in, gains would continue. I think possibly he lost some water from the dbol and gained some muscle from the test to even it out? He doesnt look bloated and is not taking anti-es, but he was pretty skinny to start with so maybe thats why. He was telling me his sex drive was off the chart, wearing his girlfriend out. But this was towards the beginning of the cycle. I'll have to ask him if the sex drive is still up. I cant imagine the dbol could have been giving him the crazy sex drive, it sure as **** didnt do that for me. At this point, unless he puts on atleast another 5lbs before the cycle is over and says his sex drive is up, I guess Im gonna have to fork over for some more test


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