New Custom Gel for 4AD

  1. New Custom Gel for 4AD

    I noticed that Custom has a new gel called Customizing Gel. They state that its "not as effective" as T-Gel.

    Is Custom ever gonna get T-Gel back in stock??? Its been weeks. I know in this thread that it says that it should be soon but its been a while and the introduction of another new gel tells me they may never get T-Gel again

  2. It will be back soon.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    It will be back soon.
    Thanks for the answer Custom. I'm thinking about ordering straight powder and getting 1 bottle of the current gel you stocked to try it out.

    Keep us up to date on the T-Gel.

    Are you going to be restocking on T-4 premix?

  4. No, no more premixes.

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