My Liquid Nolvadex experience...

  1. My Liquid Nolvadex experience...

    I know posting sites for aas or ph is not allowed but since this company (the research chemical company with initials PS) is paying to advertise here is seems it should be ok?

    Anyways, this nolva is good and strong. It burns the tongue and leaves a tingling sensation for awhile but it works and that is what is important. I used epistane for 5 weeks and had some nipple puffiness towards the end. After a couple days on the nolva (1ml ed) I am gtg and I can feel myself bouncing back.

    The nolvadex from this research site is as good if not better than the nolva I have taken before that is in pill form.

    Two thumbs up!

    No reason anyone should not be using a SERM after any cycle.

  2. ......i agree with this statement.

  3. you should mix it with some orange juice to take away the burn

  4. I've simply diluted my liquid SERM in water and chugged it! Does the trick and no nasty after effects.

  5. I'm hearing great things about Torem picked up a couple during the July 4 sale, pretty stoked to use it



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