Planning my first cutting cycle

  1. Planning my first cutting cycle

    So I'm not a really big guy, I'm 5'10 170, 25 years old and 10-11% body fat.

    I'm not weak, I can pull 455, but the thing is I still have a little bit of hip fat and a little bit of glandular tissue around my nips from puberty. I'm also getting back into running again and I'd like to drop about 10 pounds so I'm not flopping around everywhere.

    I want a really light cutting cycle, so this is what I was thinking:

    25 mcg (MICRO) of Letrozole orally, 25 micrograms transdermal (localized aromatase inhibition, and also about 40% systemically from letro)

    2 pumps worth of formeron (3ml) spread out on the hips and nips, and I'm going to through the letro in there so I get that 25mcg transdermal

    25mg Stanolone (real stanolone, sourced form someone reliable) transdermal on my dick. I've been doing PE for a while (there's lot of other forums that talk about it) and have seen some decent gains (half an inch in length and a quarter inch in girth in about 3 months) and a lot of people use Andractim (DHT) on the penis at 25-125mg/day with their routines and see huge PE gains from it.

    I'm going to be using Smartpowder's liposomal spray for the transdermals, and might even use it to dilute the formeron a bit.

    What I'm wondering is: would this be in anyway too suppressive, or do you think I could run this decently long term, 4 weeks on/2 weeks off forever? I know all of them cause E2 to drop, and formeron suppresses DHT, but I'm going to be getting it transdermal (still some systemic effects), and Stanolone is probably going to be mildly suppressive of my HPTA, but Letro increases FSH+LH.

    Do you think I should make any small changes? Maybe do one week of letro, and one week of formeron or something, on and off? Good idea for a first mini-cycle?

    I've already been taking 25 micrograms a day of letro for two weeks transdermal, no joint problems AT ALL, dropped about 2 pounds of water weight, nips are tiny and I can feel my gyno lumps getting smaller (going from quarter size to a little bit more than dime size) for sure.

    I also take all the basic supplements, and some guy on another forum told me Vitamin D, and Zinc are good when you're taking AIs and showed me some articles for that, so I've been taking 5000IU/day of D, and 15mg of Zinc. He also said Vitamin K and Magnesium were good for other ****, so I do: 1mg Vitamin K, 5000IU Vitamin D, 15mg Zinc, 400mg Magnesium, Whey and 5g Creatine everyday.

  2. Da fuk did I just read....

  3. Wanna do a cut, decently lean, want to get leaner again so I can run better.

    I wanna take Stanolone (DHT) topically to help with penis growth and also for my cut,

    Am taking letro topically and want to take a really small amount orally (I think anyone taking 0.25mg+ everyday is ****ing retarded)

    Also using Formeron topically to help.

    Thinking about maybe switching back and forth between Formeron and Letro to prevent any heavy suppression. Also everything is low dose so I don't **** my **** up, and I wanna try doing it long term.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by gwstar View Post
    I wanna take Stanolone (DHT) topically to help with penis growth
    Are we getting Trolololed ?

  5. What size is your penis now?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by chestbrother
    What size is your penis now?
    ^no homo right?

    This entire thread better be a troll or I give up on life

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TFlifting

    ^no homo right?

    This entire thread better be a troll or I give up on life
    Yes haha most definitely no homo. Just curious as to what size ones penis must be for one to consider penis enlargement supplements.

  8. Right now my dick is 7 inches long (Bone pressed length, 6.5 inches non bone-pressed, so just normally) with a 5.5 inch mid-shaft girth. I used to be 6.5 inches Bone Pressed, 5.25 inches mid-shaft girth. I just switched from regular condoms (which have always been tight because of my girth) to Magnums. I'd like to get it to 8 inches bone pressed and 5.75-6 inches girth. That'd probably take me another year or more of PEing but I'm hoping the transdermal DHT will help me get there in like 7 or 8 months. Never took any penis enlargement supplements, they don't do ****, I did my research and do PE exercises like jelqing and light hanging for 3 months and had a lot of growth but it slowed down.

    Back to my question.
    125mg/day of DHT causes 90% reduction in estradiol and huge suppression, 25 micrograms/day of Letro causes like 30% reduction of estradiol and increases free T, LH, and FSH like a mother****er even at low doses, andand I don't know what Formeron mildly decreases E2, mildly elevates T, and decreases DHT.

    I'm thinking if I low dose the DHT (10mg), and obviously low dosed letro (25 micrograms + 25 micrograms transdermal), it'll raise my DHT, lower my E2 by 40-60%, and the Formeron will lower DHT a bit, it won't **** up natural production of test because the negatives will mostly cancel out and I'll basically just be trading off E2 for T, and localizing the DHT response to my dick, without ****ing up my hairline.

    I swear I'm not trolling, there's a bunch of other forums for Penis Enlargement that's produced results. I've even seen studies showing topical DHT has worked for making people's dicks bigger if they have hypogonadism, and other studies showing androgen receptors are still sensitive in the penis. That's why some cycles or PCT give you raging boners and others give you the limpest dick in the world.

  9. Is this serious??? Lol

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    Supplements for bodybuilders

  10. Inject viagra directly into ur penis. That's what the pornstars do.

  11. ****-Push Ups

  12. So no one actually has an answer to whether or not I would be able to run this cycle long term without suppression? Ignore the part about the PE, anyone have any answers then?


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