Help needed

  1. Help needed

    What Is the best cutting steroid for me to take I have not trained for 18 months and have put a lot of weight on,I'm wanting something to help me whilst I do cardio and endurance training with weights

  2. You should be able to lose weight quickly with just diet and training. I would leave the 'cutting' anabolic until you need it, ie when you're sub 15% bf.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by asamkhan View Post
    What Is the best cutting steroid for me to take I have not trained for 18 months and have put a lot of weight on,I'm wanting something to help me whilst I do cardio and endurance training with weights
    Equipose is known to help in endurance, although some get increased hunger from it too.

    TRT dose of testosterone+ deca (you MIGHT get deca-dick from running deca higher than test) at 400~600mg/pw = lubricating joints making lifting/cardio easier plus its a nandrolone which binds greatly to AR/fat cells causing more fat burn and no muscle loss.

    PH/DS people find Epistane at a moderate dose (30~40 or even 50mg) can be beneficial to endurance but if you find that it tries your joints quickly I would reduce the dosage to avoid any injuries.

    ALTHOUGH in my case, for PH/DS route I would go with Androleanv3+Androhardv3 8weeks.

    I use AAS though, my stack for recomp (extreme fat burn+extreme muscle gains) is this and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE:

    Testosterone week 1~xx (150~200mg per week)
    Tren-acetate week 1~12 (75mg ED)
    Winstrol week 10~14 (50mg ED)
    Masteron-enanthate week 8~14 (600mg/Per week)
    DNP 400mg each day week 2~3, repeat if necessary but always take at least 7~14 days off dnp to avoid allergic reactions.

    I do two sessions a day, and when on DNP I do 2hours or 2 and a half hours of cardio burning at least 1.2kcals+lifting session+walking distance in and out of the gym along with other places, usually 2~3hours of walking a day. Last cycle I was burning 0.5~1kg OF FAT A DAY with no muscle loss.Takes dedication and my diet was 2.2kcal on some days and 3.2kcals on others (maintenance for me is 3.2kcalories OFF cycle)

    In a 12 week cycle you can essentially run three or four DNP cycles of even if only 10days each, you should burn what.40LBS from the DNP alone?Coupled with steroids and eating at maintenance when you're off DNP will result in muscle mass gains (I know I did) and even a more favorable BF % ratio.Dangerous drugs, dangerous cycle and needs extreme dedication and experience to do this but it's my go2 stack for a summer cut too bad you might bloat up bad on DNP but what can you do.

    You could always go with clen or albuterol with T3+steroids for a cut but personally I dont like the side effects of any of these and find DNP milder especially since you'll be doing a lot of cardio.You dont want an enlarged heart (clen+AAS+Cardio=heart attack in the long run, or hell even in the short run if you're in pretty bad shape!)

  4. I was thinking more about taking a course of clen and doing cardio everyday for 30 minutes in morning,and going at night to do weights,then moving on to winstrol with maybe turanabol

  5. I'd say stick to natural dieting/training..

    Back when i still dirty bulked I would lose 40-50 pounds in 18 weeks. That was the usual amount I lost while cutting.

    Don't be impatient.

    If anything you could do clen. 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

    Honestly I'd stick to doing it the natural way. To me, it doesn't sound like you need to be doing any steroids after being off for so long.
    Quote Originally Posted by Level9Germ
    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

  6. I only use AAS to cut when I'm about 10% or even 9%, use the keto diet, it works really well... All you need right now is a dialed in diet

  7. same as everyone, no one needs anything to get to 13-15%bf, if you cant something is wrong in the diet and/or training
    aas should be used to create an edge not used as a crutch


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