High estrogen mid cycle

  1. High estrogen mid cycle

    Hey fellas!! New here and need some quick advice on current cycle. 4 weeks into a 750mg/wk test e cycle and had a sudden drop in libido a few days ago. Have I assumed right that this is prob high estrogen as I have slight gyno as well?? Hadnt bothered running nolva or an AI as never had problems with this in the past, however immediately started on 40mg ed nolva and had 1mg arimidex monday and today and am now dropping down to 0.5 mg eod. Was just hoping for some confirmation this should get me back to full working order??
    Hope I've posted this in the correct forum...

  2. That's a lot of test to not run an AI...get aromasin and run it 12.5mg EOD so much better for you then Adex and will decrease your estrogen within 8 hours
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