My name is Steve and I first want to say that I am 26 turning 27 in couple of months and I did the best research I could have done on this topic and also got advice from an experienced PH user. For a little backround of my history, I did a testosterone blood level check like 6 months ago and it showed that I had really low levels across the board and I do know that I took prescription medicine in the past for several years so this could contribute to this. I've been off medicine and tturned completely healthy and natural for almost 3 years and have been exercising consistantly for almost 2 years. I felt as if I was just not growing muscle or maybe have hit a plateau(sorry for spelling also writing from my android).

Anyway, so I decided to take a natural test booster a few months ago called t-bomb 2 and honestly after two cycles I felt as if I haven't gained much and felt sluggish still. After a 4 week break I was advised and decided to try Finaflex 1-ando to boost my strength and performance and physique and was advised to bridge it with rpn havoc after the 1-ando cycle was almost finished. I know I should of done more research or listened to others on this topic bc maybe this wasn't a good idea. The 1-andro started to show results by the end and I really wanted to continue it but I already bo ught havoc with a pct and serm, ill explain.

So once I started the havoc I started getting crazy anxiety with what seemed to be a strong panic attack just at 20 mgs and this was just two days in. So I jst took 10mg the next day to see if it would be. Ok and I was fine. The next day I took 20mg again and I could swear I thought I was having a heart attack so I stopped immediately. Now I know this sounds unreal and makes me look foolish but bare with me, sorry for the long story but its needed. At. This point I started DAA right away and didn't really need a serm bc I barely used the havoc. I know this is dumb and not a good idea but had no signs of gyno or related sides, however I did just pick up erase pro to combin.e with DAA which I'm using both now.

My questions are....why did havoc do this to me and I never get panicky ever, so does this mean no heavy PH's for me? Also I was thinking when can I start up the finaflex again and I was thinking to do the 550 xd one instead? See I want to get shredded and I'm very lean already but small...I'm 5'9 152lbs all muscle basically. I know what I need to do pct wise and serm wise and cycle supports liver supp etc ..but should I finish the DAA and erase pro and then wait 4 more weeks or start up again once these nat supps are finished? I feel like I was cheated since my body didn't react well and I want to do this right...sorry for the lng story and misspelling and the incomplete backround, just wanted to write as litttle as possible. One more thing, when I do start up the finaflex, should I do two cycles of 1-andro or 550xd if I want to put on 10lbs of muscle but be dry and lean? Thank you for taking the time to read this and please excuse me since I'm a newB at this.