couple questions about test e and c and tbol

  1. couple questions about test e and c and tbol

    so im 6'5 225 28yo heres my cycle
    week 1 - 12 625 mg test perwk
    week 1 -4 50 mg tbol aday

    so here are my questions

    i have two 10ml vials of test e and 1 of test c... my plan is to start with the test c and finish with the e are there any problems with this or other recomendations on how i should do it
    and two is: i have enough tbol to up it 60 days for the 4 weeks or keep it at 50 for 5 which do you recommend??

  2. What are your stats?

  3. 6'5 225 14% bf

  4. Stick to 4 weeks and there is no difference between test e and test c so that Wont matter at all, if you have any questions pm me

  5. Test e and c half different active lifes. C has a longer ester than E so make sure you know the active life of whichever one you end on because that will determine when you start PCT.
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  6. Cool thanks

  7. Test e half life 4.5-5 days
    Test c half life 6-7 days

    If you use test c wait 3 weeks before PCT


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