DMZ and 11-oxo

  1. DMZ and 11-oxo

    this may come off as a dumb question but would adding something with a low androgenic profile stacking it with one with a higher androgenic profile lessen the androgenic side effects such as hair loss and prostate enlargement? for example if i were to add 11-oxo which has a low androgenic profile to dymethazine which has an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 210/95 make the androgenic side effects of DMZ not as much of an issue or would they be the same as long as i was taking the DMZ alone or not?

    Also would there be any other benefits in terms of gains if i were to add 11-oxo to the DMZ? I know its is known for cortisol control but aren't the catabolic hormones already low on cycle? Would the 11-oxo help me gain lean weight if I am going for a lean bulk and/or limit fat gain on a bulk? or would this be more benificial for a cut? any feedback much appreciated


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