Can you help me with this 2nd AAS Cycle?

  1. Can you help me with this 2nd AAS Cycle?

    Hey guys,

    26yr old here 5-9 205lbs at 11%, 4 years of training under my belt with
    5 ph cycles, and 1 AAS cycle of:

    1-4 30mg Dbol
    1-10 Test Enan 500mg/wk

    On last week now, and planning my cycle for next go around....

    How does this sound?

    1-4 50mg Dbol
    1-10 Test Enan 500mg/wk
    1-10 Tren Enan 250mg/wk

    I will have nolva, letro or arimidex on hand for on cycle gyno....I am looking to
    gain alot more weight, as I already eat like a horse and train like a beast...

    What do you guys think?

  2. i'd go with 40mg dbol, and drop the tren for 400mg of eq or deca

  3. hey bulk its ryanbodybuilder.....haha

    yea I am planning on using EQ next cycle, but wasnt sure about tren
    enan because I can get that easily too....

    1-4 Dbol 50mg ED
    1-10 Test Enan 500mg/wk
    1-11 EQ 400mg/wk

    I guess I will go with that bread and butter cycle, which should be good for
    some explosive gains better than my last cycle which I was stupid to add in 1test
    transdermally because it just made my sex drive go down...

    hey bulk what is your next cycle looking like? reason I ask is because test enan actually
    lowers appetite a bit...its wierd...I wish I added in EQ for my first cycle, but next time i will use it!

  4. just noticed that was you too!

    well i really dunno much about tren, other than from what people say it seems pretty strong. im planning on doing the exact cycle you just posted in a few days.

    i tend to start things off hardcore, dunno why. just like with PHs, starting with m1t/4-ad right away. probably not really necessary, but like they say, go big or go home

    i read a cycle log of a guy doing test/eq and he said the gains were phenomenal and the strength/pumps after the test and eq kicked in were just plain awesome. so im thinkin if i kick it off with dbol, i will be feeling jacked for 12 weeks straight.

    might replace eq with deca for my 2nd cycle, and give tren a shot in my 3rd.

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