tudca vs milk thistle

  1. tudca vs milk thistle

    Never see menu people running tudca, why is that? I'm running it now cause i have more confidence in it than milk thistle, thoughts people? ?

  2. More expensive and you need a gram scale to measure it.

  3. Aegis
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by broda
    More expensive and you need a gram scale to measure it.
    Ya i was talking about aegis, you guys seen any studies on actual comparisons? ?

  5. Don't really need to see studies, TUDCA is UDCA with taurine added to it. UDCA is a medical grade liver detox compound, so I am willing to trust it's a lot better than a natty supp.
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  6. tudca vs milk thistle = Porsche vs Toyota = Charlize Theron vs Sandra Bullock

  7. Lol, wouldn't trust my liver to anything else, too bad it sells out so fast

  8. would like to see tudca as bulk powder. would be a good selling supp i guarantee

  9. Quote Originally Posted by uubiduu
    would like to see tudca as bulk powder. would be a good selling supp i guarantee
    Yes i agree

  10. You can get TUDCA as a bulk powder, but you'll be spending thousands of dollars. You can also get UDCA sourced from chem sites.

    Afaik Omega Sports is poised to release a substitute for Antaeus Lab's Aegis within the next week or so. No clue on profile or price point, just heard it from an Omega rep yesterday. The issue is pharma companies try to lock the sources up as best they can, so we can expect a pretty decent price tag from the Omega Sports product just like Aegis.

    But if you want something that actually works for hepatotoxicity unlike herbal crap (milk thistle)... gotta get on UDCA/TUDCA. NAC is decent, but not in the league of TUDCA. SAMe is better, but still not in the league of TUDCA.

  11. Ok, guys.
    I will write some information here about TUDCA here since so many have no idea of what TUDCA is:

    Tauroursodeoxycholic acid(TUDCA)
    CAS number: 14605-22-2
    Synonyms: TUDCA; 3α,7β-Dihydroxy-5β-cholanoyltaurine; UR 906; Ursodeoxycholyltaurine
    Molecular formula: C26H45NO6S
    Molecular weight: 499.7
    Specification: 98%, 99%

    What is Tauroursodeoxycholic acid(TUDCA)?
    TUDCA is short for tauroursodeoxycholic acid, basically, a metabolite of the prescription drug ursodeoxycholic acid. Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid (Tauro- Urso- Deoxy- Cholic), commonly referred to as TUDCA, is a derivative of a secondary bile salt secreted from the liver. When bile salts created by the liver reach the intestines, they can be converted into UDCA (ursodeoxycholic acid) by intestinal bacteria and TUDCA is created when a Taurine molecule is added to the structure. Both of these related molecules are known as hydrophilic bile acids. It is a common constituent of bile acids, and is in high amounts in the bile acids of bears where is has traditionally been extracted.

    UDCA is prescribed for the treatment of cholestatic liver disease. While UDCA is great for reversing liver disease, you can’t get it without a prescription not to mention, it’ll cost you a fortune to get. That’s where TUDCA comes in. Because it’s a metabolite of UDCA, TUDCA gives you great liver protection. With TUDCA, you’re getting a product that may be just as potent without a prescription or the crazy price of UDCA. So you’re thinking, what’s the big deal? I can take milk thistle and get the same benefits for cheaper. Not really. Milk thistle helps bile production, but it’s no comparison to the mighty TUDCA when you consider this fact: oral supplements of milk thistle just don’t absorb well. Compare that with the hundred of studies supporting the effects of ORAL supplementation of TUDCA. So yeah, you can spend less on the milk thistle and throw your money away. Or you can spend a few extra bucks and get the liver supplement that works – TUDCA.

    Benefits of taking Tauroursodeoxycholic acid(TUDCA)supplements:

    1.Helps protect the liver

    First, this bile acid acts to restore bile acid transporters. Doing this allows bile to flow normally via these transporters. Not only that, but it also acts to prevent formation of the toxic steroid glucuronides in the first place. A 2003 study showed that TUDCA is a noncompetitive inhibitor of steroid glucuronidation in vivo and in vitro. This means fewer toxic metabolites will be made in the first place! And, TUDCA may also increase the excretion of any glucuronide metabolites that do get formed, so they will not be around long enough in the liver to start down regulating any bile acid transporters.

    2.Aids in production of bile

    3.Lose weight

    4.Promotes healthy cholesterol levels

    Ursodeoxycholic acid (udca) is a secondary bile acid in the body. It also helps the digestive track breakdown cholesterol. It is the only FDA approved drug to treat cirrhosis. It has been shown to reduce jaundice and liver enzymes.

    5.Protects the eyes

    The natural form of the bile, most commonly found in bears, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments and conditions. There is even a 3,000-year-old scroll that mentions it as being a cure for blindness.


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