Another Epi thread

  1. Another Epi thread

    im planning to do and epi cycle ( havoc ) iv been looking around at some logs and seen a lot of different support sups mentioned which is confusing.

    my proposed cycle will be this

    havoc 20/30/30/40
    ai cycle support

    clomid 100/50/50/50
    ai cycle support
    erase starting week 3 of pct dosed as stated on the bottle.

    looking at this compared to over logs i have seen i seem to have half the ammout of supps other guys have?

    is this cycle ok? can anybody tell me if im missing anything vital?

    looking for some help from the experienced users. thanks

  2. anybody have any input??

  3. You look good to go.

    Do take your AI Cycle Support 1-2 weeks before you start taking a Methylated compound like Epi as it will wreak havoc on your liver if you dont and possibly raise your BP.

    Personally I wouldnt use the Erase as your only doing a 4 week cycle and by the time youve used up your clomid your T:E should be back where you started, maybe slightly above but nothing to worry about. Swap it with a natty tbooster like HCGenerate, start taking that in your last week of cycle until your final dose of Clomid.

    Keep the Erase to hand in case you get some sort of estrogen rebound after your PCT.

    Is it your first cycle ?

  4. ok , thanks for the info would it not be better to run the Erase to make sure there is no chance of estrogen rebound or is it better to wait and see if its needed?

    i have done one cycle of test e 250mg for 10 weeks the reason for using a pro hormone now is i didn't want to do 2 cycles of test in 1 year and epi is a much shorter cycle ( 4 weeks ) but im pretty un educated when it comes to pro hormone use.

  5. You will see much better results on a 6 week run of Epi! It takes it about 2-3 weeks to really kick in.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TonyGT View Post
    You will see much better results on a 6 week run of Epi! It takes it about 2-3 weeks to really kick in.
    yeah im aware of that but i really wanna keep it a short 4 week sort of re-comp cycle. plus i wouldn't want to do any type of oral gear for more then 4 weeks anyway

  7. BUMP for more opinions on this?

  8. ha thanks mike jooooooooones

  9. Would you see any results on a 6-week cycle of 20mg of Epistane? I understand that's a relatively low dosage but I thought it might be worth a shot because it would potentially limit any of the nastier side effects.

  10. I think it would, not as much as some people expect but you should still get your lifts up and lean out.

    Good luck!

  11. That's my problem, I really wanna run one bottle cruising at 20 or 30 till its done (90 caps lgi epi-10) but all the guys have 3-4 cycles under their belt always steer me away from a one bottle cycle. it would be my first


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