problems with Halo plex cycle

  1. problems with Halo plex cycle

    I ended a 5 week cycle of halo about a week ago (50/50/50/50/50). I started experiencing the puffy/sensitive nips right before the end of the cycle. I've read a million things (including the gyno sticky on the forum) saying that it is not gyno, it is a reaction to the free estro in your body, and that when your body balances out it will go away. I've also read a million things where people start running nolva and or letro in their pct to fix it. The nipple area is def puffy and I do notice some sensitivity but they do not hurt, and there is no hard lump behind them.

    I started running AMS arom-x week 4 and have been using Reversitol V2 and hypertest as pct. My question is should I continue on this or start running nolva? They're not here yet but I recently ordered some along with some letro just incase but Im not sure exactly what all I should run together. The letro is liquid form 2.5mg/ml and nolva is 20mg tabs.

  2. why would you NOT use nolva to kickstart your PCT?

    Seriously people claim to do research and they go ahead and do this?! Using AIs to kickstart a PCT will take much longer than a serm and you'll most likely end up either losing gains or hurting yourself because your joints are so dry.

  3. Most of the information was given to me by a good frien that has used ph's for a while, including halo, and never ran nolva and never had problems. Def my fault for not researching prior. Yes it's retarded

  4. I made same mistake when I was new. Now I never start a cycle without an Aromatase Inhibitor in case, and Nolva at the end of every cycle. Met a big dude that actually had to have surgery for gyno... Don't want to ever go through that

  5. Risky, did you experience the same thing as me? As soon as I get the nolva I'm going to try running that with the reversitol and hypertest and see if it helps. It has gone down a bit, especially in the last few days. Def not as puffy but still there.

  6. Ok... Running 20mg of nolva for 4 weeks. Stacked with the reversitol and hypertest.


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