I am 40 years old. 5' 9" and 165 lbs. I am super lean right now as I have just competed a week and a half ago in a Physique comp. I am looking to start a t-bol/test/eq cycle tomorrow. here's what it looks like:
week 1-3 -50 mg t-bol
week 1-16- 500 mg test e
week 1-16 -450 mg eq

PCT- nolva 40/40/20/20

I have done this pct in the past and it worked well.
I have been reverse dieting post-comp. I want to start the cycle so I can get started bulking a little. I know it's not a good idea right after comps, because of the slowed metabolism. and it's extremely easy to pack on unwanted fat. do you think by taking the gear would not cause the post-comp fat accumulation, but extra calories that is not used by the slowed metabolism be partitioned to muscle growth?