400mg/Deca---600mg/test e cycle questions

  1. Ok, so this will be my first official injectable cycle. I've done two dbol cycles and two mdrol cycles both with pretty good results. After talking with some of my "bigger" more seasoned friends I've decided to step it up... Training is spot on and diet is bei g cleaned up as I type this... I'm coming off an injury I suffered a year ago so I got into a bad habit of eati g whatever I wanted and got fat! My strength is almost back to where it was and I'm still going to wait until mid November to start cycle ( to clean up diet and build strength a little past where I was). I will be doing 400mg/deca mon-thurs and 600mg/test e mon-thurs... Test for 14 wks and decca 12...hcg the last two weeks of test cycle up until pct... Aromasin for sides(just in case) thinking 20mg e3d (more if needed)... Pct two weeks after last test e shot... This is where I have some questions... I have access to both oral nolva and clomid... Should I do both? Alternate? Nolva over clomid? I have an idea from forums about doses but I've read so many posts that conflict opinions and I'm just trying to start my own to gauge responses...

    Stats are:
    5'11/26/ 185/ 18% bf (told u I was fat but I'm working on cutting that down with carb cycling till I start the cycle.)
    Squat: 315
    Bench: 225
    Press: 155
    Training for strength modified 5/3/1 program


  2. Personally I would drop to 10% and get fit before getting back on the sauce. I hope that's the criticism you were looking for?

  3. Hey man anything to help! I should be able to get back close to 10% by mid November... I'm about to start carb cycling and up'ing the sandbag and sprint work to hopefully shed this spare tire I have!! As far as the cycle what are your thoughts? Thanks for replying though man!

  4. I would go to at the very least to 13~15% and then you can lean-bulk during the cycle or recomp to further burn more fat while putting on muscle.That'll put you even more towards your goals.

  5. Gotta love the longer estered Steroids for a first cycle, the nervousness of pinning goes away after the first few shots, I recommend becoming VERY familiar with exact pinning procedure before starting, also why did you choose to run deca on your first cycle? (honest question, not criticism) I was debating on tren or deca for my next cycle but tren won out because of the dry look it gives you, I would like to see a log of how it goes, (possibly progress pics?) so if you do one pm me so I can sub

  6. looks well thought out

    id prefer hcg wk 1-14
    and pct clomid is fine, just make sure you controlled e2 on cycle

    your plan to get into better shape first is excellent and goes against the grain, most use the stuff to get into shape, like a crutch, congrats

  7. I would have something to combat progesterone just in case. Some people are more sensitive than others, regardless of dose. I don't think an AI will help...
    And just out of curiosity, why not do Tren Enathate instead of Deca? I've heard so much better reviews, and should stack great with Test. I personally didn't like Deca...

  8. Hey guys, thanks for the response... It's funny you're saying good job for getting into shape first cause my first dbol run I was THAT guy! Lol... Was chubby just started lifting about 6 months prior, no diet to speak of... So obviously I didn't see much if any from it... The next was better and ph cycle though were kind of a let down.... Hcg extension noted and thank you for the help on that... As far as tren, I only have access to tren a... My brother ran this Cycle years ago and said he loved it but he wished he had done higher mgs of both and ran the deca longer... He did both for 10 wks and no ai and no hcg... Nolva for pct... Though I'm gonna do it right and keep as much of my gains as possible!! Thanks for all of the advice guys... As far as progress pics I will put some up before I start the cycle as well as a complete log (both training and diet) should I start a new thread for that?

  9. Ok I need some feed back so about 3 months ago I would hit the gym everyday spend hours on a muscle group my food intake was great I was at about 189lbs solid but then I started working as a ironworker and I haven't been working out like I used to. My food intake got less and not as clean, my job is a very high demanding physical job and I have lost about 15 or more pounds, I just started hitting it again hard someone asked me about taking TEST 350 AND DECCA. WOULD THAT BE A GOOD CALL,


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