i saw on another forum that they talked about doing cycles of dianabol, without any test base. i always thought that you needed to inject test for a serious cycle, but everybody on the forum talked about dianabol-only like it's a perfectly normal thing to do.

the reason i'm not so keen on injecting is that test-e and test-c supposedly can be detected for 3 months. test-p has a shorter detection time of 2 weeks but i've read that it can be very painful and problematic to inject.

dianabol with a 5-6 week detection time and anavar with a 3 week detection time feels more like something i could "risk". my country is very harsh on steroid users so i really want to minimize my risk of getting caught.

could high-dose anavar or something like that be good for bulking? i would run 25 mg exemestane along with it. would i need anything more for PCT than exemestane?

i know that anavar is usually used for cutting, but i have my cutting sorted out with ostarine and DNP, so any AAS cycle for me in the short-term would be for putting on some mass.