PGCL- Anyone have any good stories from it?

  1. PGCL- Anyone have any good stories from it?

    Have been searching around for a bit of time and every story seems to have more negatives than positive effects. Personally I would use it to reduce some pseudo, and possibly actual, gyno. Any success stories?
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  2. One of my friends started taking it for a few days before a contest and/or photoshoots. He became an IFBB pro in November and I asked him how he loses so much water whenever he wants because he could be bloated one day and than a few days before a photoshoots he gets shredded and ridiculously vascular. His skin looks so thin and tight. He told me about PGCL and he says after he takes it he immediately takes a huge sh!t lol. He said its like sever diarrhea which would be your body's water coming out of you.

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