PES Erase Pro + clomid for PCT???

  1. PES Erase Pro + clomid for PCT???

    I see erase pro marketed as an OTC PCT product.

    Can I stack it with clomid, or is this too much?

    Coming off an SD cycle btw.

  2. Erase pro is a very mild aromatase inhibitor, it stacks well with DAA. A solid PCT for an SD Cycle should look as follows

    Clomid: 50/50/50/50
    Erase pro0/1/1/1/1
    DAA 6g a day. 3G am 3G pm

    So the answer is no, if anything this pCT is a little on the skimpy end

  3. Thanks bro.

    I've heard of people doing 100mg clomid for week 1, but yeah that does seem a little high.

  4. Correct, No reason to use Clomid over 50 ever unless you have been on cycle for months and don't have access to HCG. On top of that a lot of people turn into emotional train wrecks on Clomid so 50 is perfect. If you can handle the emotional aspect of it then by all means go ahead, but I like to keep iit at 50 (:

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