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    Question??......i have recently started training again after a 2 year layoff due to injuries sustained in a car accident. My bodyfat is pretty high, but my muscle mass is still pretty good, i was wondering if it would be benificial to start on PH's. Will the gains (if any) result in me just looking fatter, or should i just focus on losing some bodyfat first then use the PH's for muscle gains afterwards, i am currently 245lbs. which like i said before is a good amount of fat. I really cant afford to look much fatter than what i do now, i have a natuarally broad build which allows me to carry myself in a way that i look more like im in shape rather than , well, fat. Any input is greatly appreciated.....ive attached a pic, it doesnt really show the excess fat but just to let you know it is there.
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  2. Nice Pic of your face bro..............ummmmm doesnt really show how "fat" you are lol Anyways to your question.........Im a believer that 1-test is a very good Ph for cutting. It adds hardness when dieting. You could eat under you daily calorie intake requirement, and still gain a couple pounds. Its not going to bloat you if you eat right
    Oh Yeah........... apply it to places where you have the lest amount of bodyfat


  3. Damn, that was fast.......anyway, what are the side effects of 1-test, if there is any, and cycle info and all that good ****?

  4. only bad side is Lethargy. With that I would mix it with a small amount of 4AD to not feel like you have been run through the ringer at the end of the day. As for cycle info, just do a quick search on here and you will find some good info on cycles

  5. Maybe take a couple months to get yourself back in some kind of shape. Then consider the ph. In other words, cut for about 8-12 weeks, then grab a ph and bulk for a stretch.

  6. I'm with scotty. Take a couple months to get back into things then run a 1-test 4-ad cycle... The problem could be with injuries. With 1-test your stength rises evry quickly and very high and your body would not be ready for that yet since your just getting back into it.. Hope that helps.. talkto ya..
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  7. I am with Scotty and Curt on this. I am just starting a high rep cal workout (ala Nav SEALs). I am bad shape (5'8 215 with a big ole tire around my gut) and I want to lean out and be able to do the things that I can't do now. Then I'll do my bulking with a PH stack and a lot of food.

  8. Thanks for all the input guys, i think ill focus on losing some right now and rebuilding alittle more strength at the injury sites, the give that stack, ive heard alot about that stack inperticular, and i hear good things from it so what the hell, why not, thanks again guys

  9. yeah i would just stack 1-ad with an eca.. the eca would help a lil with the lethargy.. and as long as he has a decent cardio plan he should shape up nicely and relatively quick..


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