Guidance for my 1st, and only, PH cycle.

  1. Guidance for my 1st, and only, PH cycle.

    I humbly bring myself before the great (anabolic) minds of this board. I need help in planning a 'body recomp' cycle. This will be my first PH cycle, and I plan for it to be my -only- PH cycle, as I have concerns for the safety of shutting down my natural test production. My main goal will be to add lean mass, with some regard to keeping body fat low. From my own findings and help from some members on this board, I've come up with the following 'rough draft' cycle. I would appreciate all suggestions and wisdom you can impart to me. Thank you!

    Week 1: S1+, 10 sprays per day, providing 200mg 1-Test, 300mg 4AD, 70mg M1,4ADD (via T-Gel, any recommendations on how to get the dosage right when mixing a transdermal?)
    Week 2: Basically the same straight through to week 6
    Week 3: "
    Week 4: "
    Week 5: "
    Week 6: "
    Week 7: " + 100mg M5AA before workouts
    Week 8: " + 100mg M5aa before workouts
    Extras: Food (1200 above maintenance), water, fish oil, 10lbs whey, multivit, possible CEE (or to wait for PCT?)

    PCT: 60mg Tamoxifen Citrate liquid, 3ml (or 60mg) for 2 weeks, 40mg for 2 weeks. CEE, whey, glutamine peptide supp, surplus calories, regular training

    Post cycle I want to wait at least a month before cutting. Since this is my only time to experiement with these compounds, id like to maximize and keep my gains. Thanks for your time!

  2. M14add via t/d is a waste. It is ment to be orally administered hence the methylation. The cycle looks alright, a little heavy for a first cycle, I would re-think using methyl's for that long, however, I have done longer so I am not one to say otherwise. If you do the m5 at the end I suggest splitting the dose to atleast three times throughout the day the largest dose being pre-workout. Good luck.


  3. Thanks Ryan. Luck will be good for my phisiological results, planning will set me up to have good luck. So, since M1,4ADD is sold in powder form (for much cheaper I might add), what type of administration is it designed for? Perhaps I'll postpone the addition of M1,4ADD for weeks 5-8, so methyls will only be in my system for 1 month, and stacked only for 2 weeks. Also, sells the Omega M14, 30 day supply, (at 60mg a day). So 4 weeks would be ideal.

  4. You can run m14 for 6 weeks or longer, which is preferable. It's sold in powder instead of caps which cuts down cost. You need to put it in an oral solution, you can get the recipe here

  5. m14add is oral

  6. If you don't know how to handle powders, go to

    Designer Supp. brand on sale now for very cheap and he is board supporter too.

  7. I read up some more on the compounds I want to include in the stack. If M1,4ADD works best for about 6 weeks, it would make sense to include it from the start, possibly at 60mg per day as the caps are 30mg from DS. Then, at week 7 drop the M14, and add 80mg M5AA per day, split into 3 doses, the highest before a workout, perhaps 20/20/40. Will this allow the M14 water weight to drop while hardening on M5? For those two weeks I will continue the S1+, at 200mg 1-test/300mg 4AD per day.

    What advice can you guys provide regarding training? If I can make the time for the cycle, I'd like to hit the gym everyday. Is it ok to work the same muscle groups hard 2x per week? Should I increase rest time as well?


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