Back from the dead.

  1. Back from the dead.

    Hey fellas,

    It's been forever since I've logged in here. Being busy with EMS training and school the past 6 months have been very inactive and unhealthy to say the least. Feeling sluggish I'm coming back firing on all cylinders! I've done a PH cycle consisting of epistane and trenazone with some awesome dry results. PCT was flawless with no sides throughout the whole cycle! With a new gym membership lined up to begin at a 24 h gym in town a plan on hitting it hard with my buddy and my brother with some fresh gear.

    Heard mixed reviews but am looking to hit TNT400 for 12 weeks with a stack of Winstrol halfway through to keep things dry and bloating low. Just looking to get some input from some of your informative bunch! Don't worry of course I have pct ready to go with Nolva as a SERM.

    Good to be back and can't wait to get crazy at the gym again with your help and support! And I can't wait to start helping some new comers too!

    Anyone with experience with this gear I'm anxious to hear!


  2. Welcome back! I'm new here and look forward to learning from you and the other members. I can identify with how busy you've been. School and work can be a little overwhelming at times and hard to find time to hit the gym.

  3. Thanks for the kind words and it's always awesome to hear from new members! I'm glad my school will be done at the end of August so I can destroy the gym this fall. Hope you are able to get a lot of useful info here and are able to pass on your knowledge to others! Thanks for the reply.

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