Testobol Ether

  1. Testobol Ether

    Would like some informed input on this product. It's fairly new, but seems to be better than 1-AD in terms of potency and absorbtion. I'm totally stoked about this product from Promatrix but would appreciate and value all opinions and experiences with this product. Does this stuff kick a** on 1-AD, 4-AD etc???

  2. Tell you the truth I haven't heard about it

  3. Thanks for the post. Anyone else?

  4. I thought I had read that this PH is actually better in its base form than with the THP ether attached to it. Can't remember where I read it(maybe BB.com) but I'm pretty sure that was the gist of the conversation.

  5. heres a link to the product he is refering to...... I would just stick to a transdermal, preferably by Avant or BDC.


    ummm i dont know how to make a link so copy and paste that into your URL bar, and it will take you to the product he is talking about.

  6. wow never mind, it made a link for me!

  7. Excellent pricing!!! This stuff is really popular. Thanks for the info. If anyone has any experience with this product, please let me know.

  8. ummm, from what i know, its just 4-hydroxytestosterone which is just an aromatase blocker. i think its the same thing as formestane, could be wrong though. ask crazypete, i know he knows about it, but u could also ask chemo for input.

  9. yeh here's a thread about making it for urself.

  10. Loved the part where PA says he has no and never has had any plans to release this, as it is irresponsible to be releasing prosteroids and then he goes and releases it a few months later. Priceless

  11. He didn't exactly release a prosteroid. Guess it's just how you look at it.

  12. What I meant was, that he was critising Bill L. for releasing Formenstane, then he goes and releases his own version of it under the Prototype name.

  13. So let me get this straight. You guys think that 1-AD is better than Testobol Ether? During my reading, I seem to find that Testobol is more potent and more bioavailable (won't lose as much in the liver as 1-AD) than 1-AD? I was debating on going with 3 bottles of 1-AD and 4-AD stacked and off cycle going with 6-OXO or equivelant. OR going with 3 bottles of Testobol and incorporating 6-OXO etc close to end of cycle. Further thoughts on this? All thoughts appreciated.

  14. Listen........ use a transdermal, either from BDC(T-1 pro) or Avant Labs(ONE +) . If you are hell bent on taking pills at least use Molecular Nutritions 1-T and 4-AD ethergels, they are in my opinion the best oral prohormones.

    can i get an amen?

  15. yeah follow jedi's advice, ur not gonna wanna do a cycle of this. its just an anti-e, u could use it during cycle with 4-ad and 1-test to combat bloat and fat gain, but if u were looking for leaner gains it would be much more cost effective (and easier on ur body), to just lower the amount of 4-ad u r taking in. but definitely, if u're going to do a prohormone cycle, i would say go the transdermal route and go with a bottle of t-1 if u want bulk, or t-1 pro if u want lean gains. that would probably be the most cost effective route.

  16. Thanks for the info!!!


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