Ostraine!Why are you expensive in some places and dirt cheap in others!

  1. Exclamation Ostraine!Why are you expensive in some places and dirt cheap in others!

    Okay so I have been doing some digging,hours and hours of research on AAS sources and RC sources and found some frigggggin good sources.I've found ostraine to be alarming though.So I can get 50x10 mg caps for 21$ in the cheapest place.I'm placing an order now to see if this place is indeed legit.The alarming thing is on my AAS supplyer it's 99$ for the same thing!Ofcourse my AAS source has test E on really cheap atm but in another place it's like 7 or 9 more bucks more expensive!


    My question is why the HUUUUGGGGEE price difference on the SARM vs the mark up on test?Is the market for ostraine really that crazy rite now?I noticed their are alot of people running it now*did run it myself twice*This may be a supply and demand market for that SARM.How cheap is it to produce out of curiosity?

  2. I don't know the exact procedures to produce a SARM, but I know of a source that sells S4 and osta for over 75 each, an others where it is 40 each, I think it is a matter of manufacturing and demand for it, some sources may not have an as high demand for osta as others IMO, but I honestly dot know

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