Let me give some props to the sublingual T911,Formadrol,Form-X,and MMV3....I made another post about MMv3 previous to this one. I have to admit that when I first took it,it was giving me anxiety due to the yohimbe.

So I stopped taking it. After a month and a half I went back to it just to see if something different would happen this time if I just took one. Guess what?

This stuff really works!

At first when I took it i think i was doing more than what my body could handle. So im sorry if I didnt take my time with this product and actually take the time to notice the affects,physically and psychologically.

When I first took it was not in a good psychological mind set. I was stressed due to moving from one state to another and finding a new job.

Now that's over with I kind of feel anxiety nippin at me every once in a while but its not as bad as after taking 3 sublinguals through out the day.

IN conclusion I am barely noticing hardness and re composition after a week of taking this.

LEGAL GEAR you guys are bad a$$ awesome!!!

I even gave my 65 year old dad some sample so of T911 and he really liked the results. He said he felt like a young man again.

THANK YOU for making such products available to help us get the results we desire to acheive!

Look forward to getting some form-x and the liquid version of T911 in the near future.