Hey All,

New guy round here. THis may sound crazy, but that is why I thought I would run it by you cats. I just recently ran my first PH cycle (Andromass) and I have to say, I feel quite let down. I ended up going for a total of about 6 weeks (6 caps a day for 4 weeks, 9-10 caps a day for last couple weeks). Results? Underwhelmed. I put on about 3-4lbs, but I can tell you one of them was probably not muscle!! I trained HARD, my diet was pretty good (couple of off days as far as quality of food, but mostly ate about 1000 cals above maintenance while keeping my protein intake high).

So, now the question - I also have some Mechabol lying around which I was gonna do for my first cycle until I decided to try Andromass instead. Would it be insane or unreasonable to bridge this into a true Mecha cycle (6 wks, 50, 75, 75, 75, 100, 100) - or should I just cut bait and PCT for now? I know blood work may tell a different story (never can REALLY tell if your shutdown), but I have to say I have never had a single side on AM, nor have I felt Alpha for one minute, nor have I had great pumps, etc.....so I'm thinking I was just a non-responder to AM. In which case, I may as well run the Mecha, no? (BTW, PCT all planned out with Torem, etc).

A little more about me if it helps:

39, 5'7", 183

been lifting on and off since my mid 20's

Thanks for any input fellas