Alright so I've done some research an been reading here and other places and I just got some lgi sd 10. This will be my first run with anything. All natty right now 5'7" around 170 lbs lean but really looking to get to 180ish and I've been eating like crazy just a hard gainer. Anyways just want to make sure this is a good way to go at this. Was going to start one week before with AI life support and take that throughout the cycle and into PCT. I've read people starting with 10/20/20/20 with the sd however could I go ahead with 20 the first week? And for PCT I was planning on finding nolvadex and then taking original erase at 2 caps per day and I have some test boosters unopened anabolic freak (DAA) an test freak (tribulus) to go along with PCT. how does this sound? Is there anything else I need? I read about some CoQ10? Any ideas to add?